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Recently I’ve been learning about dropshipping and seeing the marketing techniques the dropshipper people do. If you don’t know what dropshipping is yet, it’s basically re-branding some product from some store online and running your own marketing on it, passing sales through to the original seller and keeping a small profit on each sale.

So for example, you could make a website selling head bands, running your own ads using google, facebook, instagram, etc. and for every sale you get on your website, you go on a site like AliExpress and buy a head band, putting the shipping address as the person’s who bought it from your store. And if you do it right, you make a profit off each sale, which can then be reinvested into more marketing and ads, driving sales more. It seems like a simple way to make money in theory but I’m learning about a lot of issues that come with it such as unreliable suppliers, shipping the wrong product, running out of stock, etc.
I might try doing it for fun in the future but for now I want to focus on more stable sources of income.
But, in learning about dropshipping, I picked up a really interesting and powerful marketing method. One of the guys was using Instagram Influencers to drive traffic to his shopify store. I’ve heard about Instagram Influencers before but it didn’t even occur to me to actually use it in marketing. The way Instagram Influencers works is, you find some instagram page with lots of followers, like more than 500,000, and pay them to make a post advertising your product or service. The guy I learned about it from said he would pay about $25 for a post, which really isn’t bad at all. He said all you have to do is get in contact with them through a dm or Kik, or maybe even email which I’ve seen on some accounts, and just ask them to make a post with your product. Seems simple enough! I can definitely see this method being extremely useful for helping some subset of companies drive sales.
While I don’t think it would really work with any local businesses like a restaurant, I do think most companies selling some product online would benefit greatly. You can’t do extreme targeting with it like you can using Facebook’s ad manager, but it seems fairly cheap at only ~$25 to get potentially hundreds of thousands of reach which might be better than Facebook’s in some cases.
Currently I’ve only learned about doing ads the legit way on social media sites using their ad manager, but this is definitely a method I will keep in mind in my marketing arsenal. I wonder if this can be extended to other sites like Facebook or twitter. Twitter seems like it could have a ton of potential with it with its influencer nature.

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