5 Instagram growth tips

5 tips to help grow your business’s Instagram following and bring in more customers:

1. Target Related Accounts
Find accounts similar to yours like competitor accounts and engage with their followers (follow, like, comment) to get them to follow yours. These would be accounts where their followers would have a high chance of being interested in your product / service.

2. Link in Bio
Can be used to funnel people to landing page to collect emails or to online shop to sell to.
Be sure to ask people to click it in posts because they won’t otherwise.
3. Influencers
Give people running popular Instagram accounts free product / service and ask them to post a picture of them using it.
Re-post their post to your business’s account for social proof.
4. Fan Pages
Use fan pages for local area to post your product / service.
Use unique coupon codes for each page to collect data for analytics.
5. User Generated Content
Get customers to post photos on their Instagram of them using your product / service and then re-post to your business’s account. Giving incentives like a coupon or free product / service may help.
This gives your business case studies and social proof.

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