Blogging and Consciousness

I find that there is a big connection between successful blogging and consciousness / unconsciousness.

We always have thoughts going on in our heads but we are mostly unaware of them. Either we think we are our thoughts or we just don’t know they are happening. Since I’ve been into eastern philosophy and meditation and all that, blogging has been becoming increasingly easier. Now that I have thought awareness, all I have to do is notice an interesting thought is going on then find some sort of outlet, such as a video or writing it down as I am doing now.

Most of the time I do not have much thought awareness and I am not conscious of the fact I am thinking, which is an issue when I have some good thoughts I should be blogging about. I think about the thing, and it passes. Or, my thoughts are in control of me.
So one thing I try to do as often as possible now is, a couple times a day I try to think about some thought that I have been having throughout the day and see if any would be promising to blog about, then do it if so.
And this is one of the many benefits of practicing spirituality and expanding consciousness.

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