Marketing – Dropshipping, Instagram Influencers

Recently I’ve been learning about dropshipping and seeing the marketing techniques the dropshipper people do. If you don’t know what dropshipping is yet, it’s basically re-branding some product from some store online and running your own marketing on it, passing sales through to the original seller and keeping a small profit on each sale.

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Marketing – Niches, Filling the Tire

I’ve been doing a ton of learning on marketing lately and I learned a few things that seemed very important.
In most of the business ventures I have been a part of, I’ve always had the mindset of go huge and take over everything. Just dominate the market and make a product that can do everything that everyone wants. But I’m beginning to see how that is an erroneous way to think.

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Strategy For Success

So I’ve been looking for a job recently and was trying to come up with a perfect strategy for getting one and I came up with something I think is really cool that apply to many other fields involving people. The general rule is to make it cost the other person more of what they consider valuable if you don’t get the thing you want, than if you did. Then it only makes sense for them to give you it.
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